Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Sometimes I come across fabric that I love. A fabric that I can imagine being something else besides just a peice of fabric. Usually I just say to myself, "you really need to learn how to sew", then I put the fabric down and continue shopping for whatever we really need.

Last night I went to walmart with my mom, I stopped by the fabric area to get a couple things I need to make diapers, a few cheap things of course (I wanna make sure I can really do this before I spend to much.) but back to the point here, we went to the fabric and of course had to look at scrap fabric. Thanks to scrap fabric I have a little fabric collection going, and can whip up a little blankie if there is none to be found when my 17 momth old feels the need to suck his thumb. My mom found a super soft material that is adorable and I immediately thought it would be an awesome pillow case for one of the boys.

 It is so soft and comfy, who wouldn't wanna sleep with it?? And there is enough that I might make a pair of pajama pants for one of the boys too... the pillow case will be super easy, the pajamas I'm not so sure about. So wish me luck :)

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