Monday, October 22, 2012

Glow Bug Givaway

I have been wanting to try glowbug cloth diapers for a while. I always hear good things about them, but honestly I just need to stop buying diapers! So I am pretty excited about this opportunity. The winner of this awesome giveaway will win 12 glowbug diapers. 12 diapers!! That is practically a whole new stash. That would be awesome for anyone to win. The winner gets to choose their package

How cute are those diapers!? I love them! If you are a blogger that wants to participate in this giveaway go here and sign up, the blogger sign ups will close very soon so don't wait.
If you aren't a blogger that wants to enter, then make sure to check back on November 1st and enter to win these beautiful diapers!
What package would you choose if you won? I would choose the neutral one I think :)

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