Friday, April 19, 2013

Week #1 Pinterest project

So remember back in March, seriously, a month ago, when I said I was going to start a weekly pinterest project and share it here with you? Well life has obviously been a little crazy. I have done a couple different things but have yet to post about them... so here is my first official week of pinterest posts.

Before I got pregnant I saw all these different pictures of cool announcement and cute ways of telling people about baby, then I got pregnant and didn't even think of it and just told everyone on Facebook. Then right when I got pregnant I saw all these cute pictures of weekly pregnancy photos and planned on doing something like that. Then all of a sudden I was 20 weeks pregnant and huge and had only taken two pictures the whole pregnancy. I decided then I was GOING to make a cute shirt that I saw on pinterest.

So I got all of the supplies and started on my own :) Of course I wouldn't get the skinny "before" pictures because I was already 20 weeks pregnant. But I figured its better than nothing! So here is how it went.

Items needed:
A shirt that will fit you your entire pregnancy
fabric paint (2 colors of your choice)
Numbers 1-40 in whatever font you want (I tried to choose something plain that would be easy to cut out) typed on a piece of paper 
clear packaging tape
Exacto knife

First, I tried to use some stencils I had on hand from cute "I'm going to be a big brother" shirts for my boys when we told my husband I was pregnant. Those turned out to be to big and ended up not working. So I got creative. I went on the computer and typed up the number and printed out the paper to trace onto the shirt. A site I found recommended trying freezer paper for a stencil, so I tried that:

I traced the numbers onto the paper, and used an exacto knife to cut them out. That ripped so easily I got frustrated. I ended up using the actual paper I printed off, putting clear packaging tape over it to make it thicker and using my exacto knife to cut the numbers out. 

It ended up working out pretty good, a few numbers got tricky and ended up a little dis formed. But I was still pretty  happy with how it all turned out :) Here is the final product

Now the hard part is going to be actually taking pictures every week. I am so bad at procrastinating. If you haven't caught onto that yet. Here is the first weeks picture. I may have underestimated how big my belly is going to get with this baby, and I am really hoping it will stretch enough!

My first pinterest project is finally complete and posted :) what is something you have been working on lately? any fun posts you want to share??

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