Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What we are going to do today

I love Pinterest. I sit on that site for hours,[usually] after the kids go to bed. I was just browsing it while the boys are playing "ice skating" in the kitchen (they are pushing the chairs around to their little table. Apparently that's ice skating) and I realized, I have a board named Christmas is coming. With a few ideas I wanted to try and some recipes to make.

 Well, Christmas is less than a week away and I have yet to do anything on that board. So today is the day! Today is the day I attempt to make cute little ornaments of their little 1 and 3 year old hands. Today is the day I make cute little pretzel snacks, and possibly even some snickerdoodle cookies. OK, so maybe I am being a little over ambitious, but hey I am going to accomplish at least one of these things today!

Wish me luck friends. Are there any cute Christmas crafts, or yummy Christmas treats you have tried and would like to share? I am always open to fun and tasty ideas!

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