Monday, October 14, 2013

I should be sleeping...

Some nights the only way I get a minute to myself is to stay up to late. If you're a mom, you probably know what I mean. Sometimes, when you're a mom (especially one of 3 boys, 3 and under) you need to stay up until 11 to hear the silence. Yes, I am laying bed right now, listening to NOTHING. This is the first time all day, since 6:55 this morning, I haven't had someone crying to me "he pinched me", the first time I haven't had my 2 year old begging me to hold him, and the first time my almost 3 month old is sleeping. On his own. Not in my arms. I am LOVING it.

I always lay on bed and dream of what I'm going to do someday... I found this awesome idea on Pinterest, and I have been wanting to break out my sewing machine for a while to do this with a few of my tank tops. I also wanna get creative and make my own cloth diapers.. I've done a couple, they aren't the best, but I love making them. Simply because it's ME time I don't get enough me time these days. If I get a shower alone I am one happy mama :)

Well now that you know what I lay in bed and dream about at night, I should probably get to sleep! My 3 year olds bus is here at 9 am, so I need to be up and at em early tomorrow.

What do you do after your kitties are all asleep and you have a few minutes of peace and quiet? Watch that special show? Go straight to bed? Take a long bubble bath?? The options are endless... It's the getting to that point that makes it so worth it :)

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