Friday, May 10, 2013

"No Poo" Update!

You remember back in February, when I was so excited to stop using shampoo and conditioner? No? Well check it out here and learn a little more about how the whole thing works. So now here I am, almost 3 months later, and I am sad to say it did not work out quite like I hoped. Here is a little run down on how things went for me:

- When I started I expected the whole greasy hair thing they all talk about, that never really happened. I would use the baking soda and vinegar pretty much every time I took a shower. I take showers every other day usually. After a couple weeks of that I slowly transitioned to every other time I showered, so I was using it every 3-4 days. I had the grease problem every once in a while on the 3rd day. No big deal.

- The main reason I stopped was because I just could not figure out how to get my hair soft. It was SO snarly all the time. It was hard to manage and so rough feeling. I have pretty long hair, it's halfway down my back or so. I usually wear it up so I just put up with it for a while. I tried several different mixtures. Different baking soda:water ratio and even more vinegar:water ratios. I used a couple different kinds of vinegar even.

-I started off just using conditioner every other time I took a shower and still using the baking soda for shampoo. But then I ran out of mixture and just got lazy so I switched back completely. I am hoping in the future, even if I can't switch back completely, to just use conditioner sparingly to prevent any unnecessary  chemicals in my hair.

-I am also 7 months pregnant. I plan on trying again after I have the baby and my hormones go back to normal. This may have nothing to do with it, but I have noticed in the past when I am pregnant I have a harder time  keeping my hair soft so maybe it just wasn't the right time to try this experiment.

- I did not try any of the oils or anything they suggest to try. So next time I try I will do that. Again, I feel like a huge part of it not working had to do with my pregnancy hormones so I kind of felt like no matter what I did it wasn't going to work out. Maybe I just gave up to easily.

Well I hope this whole thing was helpful for someone. I know it was helpful for me. I learned a lot, and got my husband to switch completely to baking soda and vinegar. He prefers it in a spray bottle so that's how he will be sticking with it. 

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